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Visitor Invitation
To send invitations based on massive databases
Serving 1 million visitors yearly and cooperating with 1,000+ industry organizations, the Group has set up a huge database to select suitable visitors and purchasers for each event.
To cover 100+ industries and various publicity ways 
With over ten-year industry experience, the Committee collects 100,000+ visitor contacts from a variety of industries and segments like culture and amusement, building materials, real estate, commercial facilities, yachts, aircrafts, RVs, and etc, and being able to invite insiders by different methods from telephone, email, WeChat, and so on.
To Offer A Series of Customized Services for Registered Visitors
10,000 hotel rooms for free accommodation
Professional services for overseas industry visitors
One-on-one consultation for professional purchasers
Free reservations to attend concurrent forums
Customized gift for the first 100 registered visitors